Governance for Early Stage Tech Companies

Are you running an early-stage tech company?

Be sure to check out David Rowat’s Early Stage Tech Boards site which is now back online after technical difficulties took it down for several months.

Rowat’s resource covers everything an early-stage tech company needs to know about governance and consists of a manual and series of best practices for boards and directors.

These documents are designed for the Boards of Directors for start-up, angel-funded, and venture-capital funded technology companies. Recently, corporate governance issues and the roles of Boards of Directors have come under greater scrutiny. The success rate of early-stage companies is approximately 20%, (depending upon the definition of success). The technology industry has recently come to appreciate that a properly structured and functioning Board in these early-stage companies is critical to their success. Improving the effectiveness of Boards could significantly improve the success of companies.

David Rowat is the Chief Financial Officer of Vancouver’s Clevest Solutions.

Hat tip to Rizwan Kheraj for the link.