Grab your Twitter ID before someone beats you to it

The Vancouver Sun’s Gillian Shaw is a big Twitter fan and today she’s warning her readers to grab their Twitter name before someone squats on it. We’re in complete agreement and can be found here on Twitter – @techvibes. Do yourself a favour and follow Shaw’s steps below to get started now:

  • Go to and determine if your name is available
  • Sign on for your name immediately
  • Reserve all names associated with your brand, considering whether any domain you have invested in should have its own Twitter ID
  • Twitter has attempted to limit reservations by requiring a unique email address for every sign-up but this can be circumvented by the Google ‘plus sign’ email trick or simply by using different emails addresses you may already have
  • Legitimate holders of trademarked names and brands can sue or Twitter can just turn them over if asked but with investment and risk for squatters is zero, you are going to see the rapid evaporation of available Twitter IDs.
  • Keep track of all your Twitter sign ins. You don’t have to use them but signing up reserves your name.