Grammys feature pop tech (along with pop stars)

Last night’s Grammys may well be remembered as a showcase of crass commercialism.  However, it will also be remembered as a show that tried to be cool.  Whether of not it succeeded will be determined by the amount of viewers who watched and the subsequent feedback.  However, it will also be remembered as the show that featured the Apple iPod iPad and a 3D tribute show.

Host Stephen Colbert unvieled an iPad last night to present the song of the year.  Apple has always prided itself on being on the cutting edge of technology and pop culture.  This comes of as a successful coup in my eyes.  Here’s the clip from last night:



And then there the 3D tribute to Michael Jackson.  The much-awaited spectacle featured Jackson performing “Earth Song,” accompanied by on-stage stars as well as images from nature that had Grammy viewers peering through the red-and-blue-lensed 3D glasses.  For those who did not have the glasses all they saw were red and green images.  Not so fun. Put your glasses on…