Gravity Factor launches marketing automation service

Since we broke the Marqui Receivership story in June, Marqui clients have been wondering what’s going to happen to their content if a buyer doesnt pick up the SaaS company’s assets. As of today it looks like there might be another option in the market for clients in search of a replacement marketing automation solution. Vancouver-based Gravity Factor Inc. launched a new marketing automation suite today that enables mid-market and B2B marketing professionals easily execute and rapidly improve the effectiveness of their demand generation activities.

From one easy-to-use dashboard, sales and marketing teams will be able to control online brand and messaging, generate more qualified leads, drive revenue, and evaluate and optimize their marketing activities within, or another CRM, in order to make better business decisions.

Gravity Factor’s CEO is Rick Patri a former Marqui executive. Gravity Factor claims to be the first suite combining Content Management, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, eCommerce, CRM and Analytics. Interesting side note – Marqui’s trademarked tagline is The Marketing Automation Company and Gravity Factor has adopted The Marketing Automation Experts as their brand-differentiating slogan. Nice.