Great People, Products, and Stories: BarCampCalgary2

Last Saturday, Mount Royal College was the gracious host for roughly 35 people at BarCampCalgary2. This was my very first exposure to the local tech scene in Calgary and I didn’t know what exactly to expect. When I arrived (just on time!) I was quickly introduced to a large number of very friendly and helpful people. What a great first impression.

BarCampCalgary2 was true to its definition. It was a free flowing unconference. There were a number of great product demos for Smibs, Zigtag and a sneak peak at something new called “Sticky Flow”, and it isn’t what you are thinking!

Also, Timo, the founder of Nexopia, gave an inspirational talk about his experience with his startup and where he is now. A lot of the questions focused on scalability and how Nexopia coped with growth and how they will be managing it in the future. This scalability discussion led perfectly to the next session focused on Twitter and some of the common apps that can make your experience much better.

In this session it was mentioned that the Twitter community in Calgary is sorely in need of a jump-start. So everyone head over to Twitterlocal and search for the active members in Calgary. Also, feel free to add me to Twitter (Rfelgate).

Finally, I just want to thank everyone I met over the weekend. You guys were great and I am looking forward to next time. And a special thanks to Patrick Lor and Sarah Blue for organizing another successful event!