Greenscape Capital to build network of Electric Vehicle charging stations

As consumer demand rises and auto manufacturers across the board begin the rollout of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and full Electric Vehicles (EVs), the development of a reliable, efficient, and accessible network of EV charging stations will be crucial.

Vancouver’s Greenscape Capital Group Inc. wants to solve the problem.

This morning Greenscape announced that through its wholly owned subsidiary Green.Switch Capital and in partnership with Garage Juice Bar they will be implementing Canada’s first province-wide electric vehicle (“EV”) charging station network. This network will be 100% privately financed and will link all of British Columbia through the installation of EV charging stations on properties owned or operated by existing Greenscape energy retrofit clients and on other third-party locations.

Greenscape’s unique retrofit model has resulted in strong business relationships with an extensive network across multiple industries and a full, province-wide network is targeted for completion within one year from today.