GridCentric: Copper deployment at York University open to researchers


Late last year we featured a conversation with GridCentric CEO Tim Smith.  Earlier today we had the privilege of Tim filling us in on their latest development involving Yok University.

GridCentric is proud to open up the beta deployment of its Copper cloud computing platform at York University to York University researchers who need a bit more computing power and want to experiment with the next generation of High Performance Computing.

York faculty, staff, and graduate students will be able to harness the power of their own personal easy-to-use cluster – without any of the hassles of keeping compute nodes consistent with binaries, worrying about cross compilers, or restrictions installing packages – the first high-performance “research cloud”. The Copper platform gives users the simplicity of one machine with the power of hundreds.
Copper is a platform that simplifies cluster management and computing. It combines virtualization and grid computing technologies in order to enable simple, efficient and flexible cluster application development and deployment. GridCentric enables on-demand virtual clusters by distributing virtual machine state to hundreds of processors in seconds. Virtual clusters turn your compute farm into a high-performance, private cloud.
The hardware for this trial is generously provided by SHARCNET. GridCentric expects to be able to open up this deployment to all SHARCNET users in the near future. For now, York researchers can request a Copper virtual cluster.