Gridly helps brands be more consistent

Calgary’s own Gridly is helping companies keep consistent branding across all of their print documents. The company just went to market at the end of 2010, but already has clients including RV company Canadream and the oil and gas company Newalta. After they launched, Gridly won Startup Calgary’s “One to Watch” award.

Dan Meeking, the creator and co-founder of Gridly, said the company came about from his experience working with Karo. After 10 years of working on custom brand management tools for clients, he decided to pitch the idea of an off-the-shelf brand management tool to the principals at Karo. They went for it, and he’s been working on the project ever since.

While the company is still small, Gridly is already being used by several Karo clients and is looking to expand even further. When going through how to use it, I was struck by how easy everything is to use. Creating templates for newsletters, business cards or job postings is simple, and editing each only takes minutes. As everything is kept online, no matter which employee is creating print materials, they can always find the correct image or know what colours were used previously.

Gridly is like WordPress for print materials. If you own or work for a small company, it’s worth checking Gridly out.