Grooster helps connect Vancouver consumers with local businesses

Group buying, or “Tuangou” in China, is a method in which consumers connect with one another and then purchase products or services at discounted rates, because they have leveraged themselves as “bulk” buyers. It’s been around since before the dawn of the internet, but you can imagine how the internet has upped the ante.

A Vancouverite and a Calgarian, an engineer by the name of Lesel Radage and a marketing aficionado named Trish Mandryk respectively, have set out to master the art of group buying in Vancouver and bring their connections to local consumers.

Their brand new startup, Grooster, aims to connect local consumers with premium local businesses and exclusive prices. Working with local social networks and local businesses, Grooster will offer exclusive prices on premium restaurants, spas, events, boutiques and more in Vancouver.

According to them, Grooster differentiates from competitors in several ways. They encourage a following by “handpicking only the highest quality businesses” and ensuring significant value in their daily features. And in the near future, Grooster plans to offer an ongoing relationship with local businesses under affiliate and loyalty programs. Lesel and Trish plan to have Grooster positioned as the destination for insider access to all of the best promotions in the city, and have subscribers reap rewards for their continued support of their favorite local businesses.