GroupHealth Knows What Good Employee Perks Are All About

Imagine having a three day weekend every two weeks.

When you work for GroupHealth Benefit Solutions, a company that specializes in employee benefits packages as a product, you can be sure that your own benefits are going to be substantial and creative.

Half your weekends being three days long is just one of them.

GroupHealth, located in Surrey, is a third party benefits administration company that curates superior products that major insurance companies offer, and delivers them to customers in a package, providing a more competitive price and cost savings through reduced administration.

Describing themselves as “Not your parent’s insurance company,” GroupHealth takes a tech-first approach to insurance, and employs approximately 250 people across Canada. Aligned with their modern take on the insurance market is a creative and modern approach to culture, employee satisfaction, and work-life balance.

Jaspreet Dulay, Manager of Human Resources at GroupHealth says, “Being that we’re an employee benefits company, the plan that’s offered to our employees is cutting edge.”

Part of that cutting-edge plan is a unique option for regular three-day weekends. By signing on to put in an extra hour on workdays, an employee earns second Fridays off.

Dulay describes the program: “Your day is basically nine hours on site, and by working that one extra hour for 9 out of 10 days in a two week pay period, you get every second Friday off, for up to 26 long weekends per year.”

In addition to work-life balance, a strong belief at the company is investment in its employees. Dulay says that managers encourage their staff to increase their skills through education and training.

She says, “Anytime an employee comes forward with a request for professional development that is going to further their role here, we pay for that 100% up front. Anytime an employee requests to take a course outside of what would be closely related to their role, the company is still supportive, and in those cases, we would pay 50% of the course fees up front, and then 50% once they’ve passed the course.”

Health and wellness is another focal point.

Every day, there is complimentary fresh fruit in the office, and regarding exercise, ‘twice per week’ might as well be their mantra.

Twice per week, a certified yoga instructor comes in to lead a yoga stretch. Twice per week, a GroupHealth walking club goes out at lunch. Twice per week, a running club gets together, with special anticipation for the Vancouver Sun Run each Spring.

An effort has also been made in designing the office environment to increase satisfaction. The office is an open space, with bright colours, natural light, and a lounge with a ping pong table, arcade games, and a library area.

The results seem undeniable. According to Dulay, the average length of service on the software engineering team is seven years.

That may also have to do with the care they take in creating their teams and the grand vision of the company.

Dulay says, “We always keep the culture that we’ve created in mind, so when it comes to a hire, we’re very careful that they’re someone that the team is going to fit with, and that we encourage the candidate that we’re interviewing to make sure that they are a fit for us.”

On the grand vision, Director of IT Adrian Burden says, “You’re not just a developer banging out code. You’re helping to catapult this company into its next phase of being.”

GroupHealth is currently hiring across a number of departments.

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