Groupon’s good, Kik is ugly. 2010’s prominent startups have their logos judged by DesignCrowd

Design and startups are an interesting mix. Budgets are tight, timelines are narrow, and design is often not at the forefront of entrepreneur’s minds – “We have the best product/service. Who cares what our logo is!” But it matters. A lot, actually. It’s a first impression, and often a lasting one. It can make you stand out for better – or for worse.

So to go back and look at brand new 2010 startups, as well as though who gained prominence during this year, is neat. CrowdDesign compiled a list of 50 logos and categorized them into three distinct types: Good, Average, and Ugly. Some of the highlights:

The Good

RockMelt. This definitely deserves to be here. It’s a very cool logo in my opinion – although it bothers me that the wordmark isn’t either all caps or all lowercase. Otherwise, it’s awesome.

Groupon. A very big, and very fast growing, company needs strong branding and identity. Groupon’s logo is simple, but people like it. I’m not a fan of the skinny “U” though.

The Average

The average are, well, just that – average. Which is boring. So I’m skipping it. (Click here if you’re curious, but you’re apt to be disappointed.)

The Ugly

Under ugly, everybody looks for the success stories here. In this case, it’s Kik (the instant messenger app) and Foursquare (the location-based game). Foursquare is undoubtedly hideous -I mean, seriously, what the crap, man? – though Kik is debatable. It’s definitely boring and generic, and the name is a little dumb, but the logo seems a little more mediocre than ugly. I’m thinking it fits better in the Average section.

What startup logos of 2010 did you like (or hate)?