GROW Conference shaping up Nationally

The GROW Conference is one month away and it is shaping up to have representation from across the country.

GROW 2010 is a technology conference that will bring together leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, influencers and investors from Silicon Valley and Canada to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship.

Day one of the three day conference is called ENGAGE and it’s an invite-only program that will bring together promising Canadian entrepreneurs with leading silicon valley founders, influencers, and investors to meet, discuss, and glean information for innovating in a web-fueled world.

Startups from across the country have applied and event organizers have shared a portion of that final list with Techvibes.

Adhack, Agorica, AirG, Akoha, Appsocial, Cardinal, Assetize, Beyond the Rack, Bookriff, Chango, Contractually, Deqq, Dimerocker, Eqentia, Fit Brains, Fixmo, FundRazr, GridCentric, Idée, Indicee, Jostle, Locationary, Mob4hire, Mobify, Network Hippo, Polar Mobile, PostRank, Pushlife, Radiusly, Recoset, Rypple, ScribbleLive, Seek Your Own Proof, Smallthought, Social Grapes, StatusNet, Strutta, SWIX, Tagga Media, Thoora, Tungle, Tynt, Unbounce, Vanilla Forums, Vision Critical, Wantsa,, Wishabi, youphonics,

You should recognize startups from across the country including some of the best from our PEER 1 Canada Startup Index.

Day one is invite-only, so if you’re interested in attending be sure to apply now before it is full.