#growconf | Inside the Vancouver Convention Centre, the world-class venue for GROW 2010

Well, GROW 2010 is officially over. It was an amazing three days for everyone involved. For those who unfortunately were not able to make it, particularly outside of B.C., Techvibes invites you to an inside look at the centre, because it’s certainly worth a mention.

The award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre (West Building) has received LEED Platinum certification—the first convention centre in the world to earn this rating. From the kitchen serving local wines and chopping local produce, to seawater heating and cooling, to the six-acre “living roof”—a rooftop garden which houses thousands of indigenous plants and recovers rainwater for irrigation—the Centre is as green as they come.

But while sustainability is excellent, it’s not the only factor involved in creating the world-class venue that is VCC. It’s fabulously stylish design, from its walls to its windows to its furnishings, tell the tale of how up-to-date this building is. Touch-screen computers that reveal scheduling data and enable wireless internet, and motion-sensor-everything in the bathrooms, demonstrate the building’s state-of-the-art technologies.

And, in the end, there’s always that edge Vancouver carries with it over so many other cities: pristine, sparkling waters, lush forestry, and sprawling snow-capped mountain ranges—all together. There isn’t an eye-sore to be had while gazing beyond the pier upon which the Centre rests. 

We impressed the the world with the 2010 Olympics, and we impressed the rest of Canada and the Valley with GROW 2010. And we’ll continue to push the boundaries of eco-sustainability, technology, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Above, an outdoor sign for the centre, with a wide concrete boardwalk for people to enjoy the pier’s view. Below, local art adorns a wood-panelled wall, and large metal doors wait to be opened.

Above, modern and stylish seating for all. While seated, it’s a pleasure to gaze back at the East building of the Centre, equally as beautiful. Below, GROWtrepreneurs ascend the first-floor stairs on their way to the conference, beneath a giant, always-rotating Earth.

Above, sleek stations are ready to grant you wireless internet access. And as you stroll along the second-floor corridor, it’s difficult not to stare at the mighty Silver Shadow cruise ship. Below, GROWtrepreneurs chat on the third-floor patio, while others settle into their seats for the next presentation.

Photography credit: Knowlton Thomas. Shot with either a cellphone camera or stills from a Flip MinoHD video.