#growconf | Reflections on GROW Conference 2010: Pros, cons, and food for thought

GROW 2010 was an unforgettable experience. It was a gathering of world-class entrepreneurs inside a world-class venue, engaging, inspiring, and challenging one another to make the future as bright as possible for everyone.

From Dave McClure throwing f-bombs like a warzone, to Ellen Levy proving how powerful professional networks are, to discussing Andrew Mason’s skyrocket success, GROW was informative, valuable, and entertaining. 


  • A very solid lineup of presenters, particularly in the final presentation, which saw elite execs from Microsoft, RIM, Google, and Nokia.
  • Plenty of breaks for networking.
  • Comfortable seating, inside and outside the conference room.
  • Stunning views in a prime location of the city in a magnificent venue.
  • Post-conference cocktail reception, and a night party outside the venue.



  • Mediocre breakfast and lunch food with limited selection.
  • The conference came to an end.


Food for thought

  • The city mayor said Vancouver has the most entrepreneurs per capita than any other city in North America.
  • Chris Albinson of Panorama Capital said Web 3.0 began 29 months ago and that 3.6 billion people will be digitally connected by 2014.
  • Leonard Brody of Clarity Digital said humans are fundamentally and behaviourally different than they were 10 years ago.
  • Dave McClure said everything is “fucking bullshit.”