GrowLab profiled by WiseWords, an Inspiring Campaign About Successful People’s Real Experiences

GrowLab, a tech startup accelerator in Vancouver, has been profiled by WiseWords, a campaign whose slogan is “Inspiration from successful people with real experiences.”

The web-based video series details the success stories of Vancouver CEOs.

Many people would agree that entrepreneurship is a driving force in the new economy. Sometimes, all we need is a little push from people who have been through the journey; those who can offer wise words and reassure us that success is achievable. WiseWords is the medium where accomplished entrepreneurs and those trying to walk the same path come together.

Up so far are videos and Payfirma’s Michael Gokturk.

Tippett founded NowPublic in 2005, which as named as one of the top five most useful new sites on the web by The Guardian while Time Magazine dubbed it one of the Top 50 Websites for 2007. Bailey founded KITN Media and bootstrapped Super Rewards into a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. Meanwhile, Gokturk founded VersaPay Corp, 2009’s top-ranked company in Profit Magazine’s Hot 50 list and later founded Payfirma.

The next video to appear in the series will feature Mircea Pasoi and Cristian Strat, co-founders of Summify.

Bailey offers advice like suggesting that entrepreneurs only do something they’re “absolutely passionate” about or you won’t survive the low times of the roller coaster ride, while Tippett says that the “worst thing you can do is aim low and miss,” pointing out that your chance for success with a regular startup versus an ambition one is roughly the same so you may as well shoot for the stars.