GROWtalks: a hands-on playbook for creating startup success

The organizers of the GROW Conference have announced something new for 2012.

Day one of the three-day conference has now been labelled GROWtalks and will be focused on how startups can create simple, actionable metrics, and use them to make better product and marketing decisions for long-term growth.

Industry experts including KissMetrics‘ Neil Patel and 500 Startups‘s Dave McClure will give actionable advice to startup teams on how to improve design, product development, customer development, acquisition, and retention.

GROWtalks is limited to 200 attendees, so register now if you want to participate. Tickets are $195 for startups and students and $395 for everyone else. Register here. (You’re classifed a startup if you’ve raised less than $2 million and were founded less than 3 years ago.)