GTEC 2010: Are librarians soon to be out of a job or just changing roles?

Are librarians surrendering their role?

This was the question posed by Systemscope senior consultant Linda Daniels-Lewis during the firm’s Ignite series at GTEC

With petabytes of information available online, all the time, there isn’t much need to go to a library anymore.

“There’s a hush in these buildings because there’s no one there,” she said.

However, Daniels-Lewis noted that there’s also a side-effect to so much information being available online: “As information on the web increases, so do unsuccessful searches.”

Then there’s the issue of accuracy…

“Just because someone is on YouTube doesn’t make them right,” she said.

This, she said, leaves a role for “digital curators.” People who can ensure the usability of information over time, making connections behind all that information.

Having started the presentation by saying “Goodbye librarians,” she ended by saying, “Hello digital curators.”