Guelph and Western students get Techcrunched

Techcrunch’s Jason Kincaid covered a music streaming service built by a couple university students hailing from Ontario on New Year’s Eve.

Audiolizer is a new music streaming service that lets you put your iTunes library in the cloud. After uploading your iTunes Library database file, the site will automatically compile a list of links to every song, allowing you to access your favorite music when you’re away from your home computer. Users can also manually search for individual songs.

Fortunately, it sounds like Audiolizer is more of a side project than a full-fledged startup – the founders say that they developed the site in a week (they’re currently University students in Computer Engineering and Business Management in Canada).

Audiolizer is a project of Andory Internet Ventures. Andory is the partnership of Andy Hin and Cory Liu and is primarily involved in web venture development. Expanding on Kincaid’s coverage, Hin is an Engineering Systems & Computing student at the University of Guelph and Liu is an Administrative and Commercial Studies student at the University of Western Ontario.