Guestlist launches Integrated Events

Earlier this week we reported that Toronto’s Guestlist became a paid service after hosting events for free since their launch in mid-2009.

Today they announced a new feature that lets users integrate ticket sales into their own website rather than sendin them off to a registration page.

A lot of events create their own sales and marketing website but then have to redirect visitors to an external page that looks completely different when it comes time to sell tickets. Today we are solving this problem by letting you sell tickets right on your own website. Think of it as Disqus for events and yes, it even works with paid tickets.

We are calling this feature Integrated Events and it is going to be great for users who want to control the full user experience and sales funnel for their events.

Guestlist was co-founded by web developers Ben Vinegar, Justin Giancola and Jaco Joubert.

I have a feeling were going to be hearing a lot more from Guestlist very soon. This week marked their one-year anniversary (and $500K in registration fees collected) and they announced that 2/3s of their team has opted to work full-time on Guestlist going forward.