Guestlist launches Paid Service for Event Registration

This week Toronto event registration app Guestlist became a paid service after hosting events for free since their launch in mid-2009.

After 10 months of open beta service, hundreds of thousands of dollars in ticket sales, and dozens of feature updates, we’re finally ready to open the till and start paying our bills.

We’re happy to say that Guestlist will only cost 2% of each ticket sold, with no minimum fee. We believe we’re the only event registration provider that foregoes a minimum fee, which, when coupled with our competitive 2% commission, gives both small and large events a single affordable solution. Run the numbers, and you’ll find Guestlist is tough to beat.

Guestlist has been quietly building their payment solution on top of PayPal’s beta Adaptive Payments API which lets them do clever things with payment collection that other companies in this space just can’t. As an example, instead of following-up with a invoice after your event is over, Guestlist collects their commission at the time a ticket is sold, all magically through PayPal. Event organizers don’t have to hand over their credit card, or pay an invoice, which results in less fraud all-around and way better cashflow for Guestlist. A very important thing for a startup.

Also, PayPal doesn’t charge any transaction fees when they take their commission, which enables them to charge a flat percentage with no minimum fees.

Eventbrite is Guestlist’s best known competitor in the online event registration space. The San Francisco-based company has a headstart as it was founded in 2006 and has raised $10 Million in venture capital to date.

Guestlist was co-founded by web developers Ben Vinegar and Justin Giancola.