Webinar: A Definitive Guide to SR&ED and Other Innovation Funding Programs

June is almost here, which means a busy time for companies filing their Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) claims.

If you’re unfamiliar, SR&ED is one of the most generous innovation funding programs, providing over $4.5 billion annually to more than 30,000 companies. Particularly Small Medium Businesses can recover up to 68% of eligible expenditures as a cash refund.

If your fiscal year end is December 31, June 30 of 2013 marks the absolute deadline to claim for expenditures incurred in 2011. If you have never heard of the program or are yet to look at your own claim, don’t worry. Our friends at Boast Capital are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, May 22 from 11am to 12pm PDT to give you a comprehensive view of the SR&ED program and other Innovation funding opportunities. The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to SR&ED
  • Changes to the SR&ED program
  • How to determine eligibility
  • Documentation requirements
  • Strategies to maximize your claim
  • Successful claim examples
  • Other Government grants and innovation funding options

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