Guilt Free Fun with FitBrains

I try to be on top of my game when I see those Nintendo commercials for Brain Age pop up on TV, testing my memory within a 30 second time slot. However, if ever I am concerned about keeping my mind sharp, reflexes swift, and my wallet stuffed, I can simply head over to FitBrains.

I had the chance to talk to two guys from the Vancouver-based FitBrains (developed by Vivity Labs) at the last Launch Party in Vancouver and they seemed to have everything down to a science – and rightfully so.

The games offer a variety of activities that help users of all ages maximize and round-out brain skills in an entertaining fashion. The games are tightly integrated with an extensive suite of easy-to-use personalization tools that provide individualized sessions for each user as well as comprehensive brain fitness metrics that measures individual performance and progress.

Once you get past the basic/free account you can track your progress and hone in on actual areas of your brain that you would like to sharpen. It’s pretty similar to going to the gym for the first time, meeting with a trainer and getting that little orange “score card” with your current measurements and what you should be doing to reach your goals.

Aside from the health benefits, the games are colourful, detailed, and beautifully animated. They’re also sorted by which area they can help you tone – such as memory, logic, language and concentration. I personally enjoy Wildword Garden (I like word games) and Street of Dreams.

#20 on Techvibes’ Startup Index for June 2008, FitBrains offers numerous online games that exercise the five key cognitive areas of the brain and using the site involves much more than playing games in the long run – it truly is like having a personal trainer for your mind.