Guy Kawasaki questions C&D readers

Vancouver’s Carrie & Danielle have launched an all-new website overnight and are kicking things off with a special guest that our readers are definitely familiar with – Guy Kawasaki of The Art of the Start fame. Kawasaki’s version of C&D’s Daily Q&A asks If you could eliminate one activity from your day, what would it be? Check out Kawasaki’s answer – not a big surprise considering the number of people that try to pitch him via email.

Back to the new Carrie & Danielle site, they’ve expanded the scope of their content to create a go-to place for information on everything to do with personal development. They’re added a network of new writers who are generating fresh original content every day, on topics as diverse as beauty, spirituality, relationships, wealth and wellness.

So it looks like C&D have refocused on a more traditional online model – publishing content. Despite the explosion of social media sites, C&D has remained focused on what advertisers want and they have an important demographic nailed – an educated, predominantly female audience that’s paying attention to content. How refreshing – nobody needs another social network at this point.

Disclosure: Techvibes Director’s Boris Wertz and Geoff Hampson are investors in Carrie & Danielle, Inc.