Guy Kawasaki visits Vancouver with startup advice

This past week the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society flew in the “Gretzky of Twitter” Guy Kawasaki to Vancouver. While in town Guy had the opportunity to meet with 15 local start-ups:

Each of these companies were lucky enough to pitch in front of him and in return get slide by slide feedback on their pitch deck.

Guy’s advice to the companies – “Keep it simple, you have 30 seconds to explain everything to me”. Upon his return back to San Francisco, Guy sent me an email and said that he wanted to give the companies a reality check – as opposed to hip check, poke check or cross check. He wanted the companies to know exactly what the VC’s are thinking, but never say when they hear a pitch. What great advice for the companies. 

What’s a trip to Vancouver without going to a hockey game, of course Guy did that too with Danny Robinson on Wednesday night. 5am on Thursday morning came early as Guy trekked to the 8 rinks in Burnaby for a little hockey playing which was organized by appsocial’s Ian Bell. He even vlogged about how impressed he was with the number of ice-rinks under one roof.

I trust that Guy hasn’t had enough of Vancouver as he’ll be back in our city during the olympics. Rumour has it he left his skates behind!