Guy Lafleur to unveil world’s first nanometal hockey stick at this weekend’s CUTC

Daniel Sedin cycles behind the net, passing along the boards to brother Henrik, who spins and sends the rubber disc tape-to-tape to Kevin Bieksa, who winds up, leans into the one-time slapshot, and – SNAP.

A broken stick, a ruined play.

Every hockey fan has witnessed this sort of painful scene before, ever since the flexible but fragile composite sticks gained popularity over their wooden predecessors. 

At this weekend’s Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference, NHL Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur has been selected to unveil the showcasing of the world’s first “nanometal” hockey stick – a stick idenitcal to composite sticks but with one salient and distinguishing characteristic: they’re virtually indestructible. And this is just one of many interesting new technologies on showcase at the event. 

CUTC is happening May 7 and 8 at the University of Toronto.