Had a Hunch Fake would go to NYC

The Vancouver Tech community’s calls have gone unanswered and Flickr founding Caterina Fake has announced plans to join a fledgling new New York startup called Hunch. Flickr is one of the web’s most popular photo-sharing sites, and was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005 for a reported $35 million. Since then, Flickr has been one of Yahoo’s most successful properties, but Fake alond with her husband Stewart Butterfield left the company in June as part of a mass exodus of senior management.

Techcrunch picked up the news this morning after catching her blog post announcing that she will be joining Hunch as Chief Product Officer.

“What is Hunch? Well, as you might assume, it is a consumer internet application, it will have a lot of user participation, and it is more than a little fun. Beyond that, we’re still making it up.”

I had a hunch should wouldn’t be coming back to Vancouver.