Half of Canada suing Facebook

fbprivacyIt’s no secret that when you get big people will look to chop you down. 

At Techvibes we recently highlighted Facebook’s 500 million population as well as the number of Canadians using it.  Now, thanks to Techvibes reader and tech blogger Brian Jackson, we’re bringing you the news that you’re involved in a class action suit against your favourite social networking site.  

itbusiness.ca has reported that “Canada’s most popular social network is now the target of possibly the largest class-action lawsuit in the country’s history, in terms of the sheer number of people included.”

Merchant Law Group, LLP has filed the class action suit on behalf of all Canadians on Facebook in a Winnipeg court. 

If you’re interested in signing the online petition visit Merchant’s online form.  Although signing up is encouraged it is not necessary.  When contacted, a Merchant spokesperson told Brian, “It’s irrelevant how many people contact us. All Facebook users are in the lawsuit.”

The class action suit is in response to Facebook’s controversial privacy settings and changes.

To read the full article, please visit the itbusiness website.  Thanks to Brian Jackson for the heads up.

Will you sign the petition?