Happy 7th birthday and 2 Millionth customer, FreshBooks

Heading to South by Southwest in a couple of weeks? Then you’ll want to join the crew over at FreshBooks to celebrate their company reaching 2 million users and hitting their seventh year of operations.

They’ll be hosting two days of free parties, which they describe as “A pretty typical 7th Birthday party with Clowns, Balloon Animals, Stilt Walkers, Ice Cream, PhotoBooths….oh and Beer.” Sounds like my seventh birthday party — minus the clowns, balloon animals, stilt walkers, ice cream and photo booths.

The party will be held over March 12th and 13th, but the March 12th event is full. There is still plenty of space left for the party on the 13th, so don’t miss out; register early.

The FreshBooks party will be at the West Tent at Brush Park during SxSW. For more info or to register, click here.