Hate the rising costs of gas? Calgary’s Multiplied Media will Poynt you in the right direction

With today’s cost of fuel, every penny counts.

The Calgary-based Multiplied Media Corporation, a provider of mobile local search services, today announced the addition of a gas price search feature to their local search application, Poynt, for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The newly added gas feature searches users’ local areas for nearby gas stations and locates the best price per gallon by grade.

The free app lets users choose whether to view search results by lowest price or by location, with simple toggling between the options. Once a gas station is selected, the touch of a button pulls up a map with turn-by-turn directions.

Beyond the gas feature, Poynt’s update includes enhanced iOS 4 compatibility with the ability to add events such as restaurant reservations and movie times to the iPhone’s calendar. Users are also able to save a list of favorite local movie theaters in the app.

Poynt’s newest version is now in the iTunes store.