Hatsize Corporation, AERS winners for IT companies at the Canadian Financing Forum Award

Calgary’s Hatsize Corporation was selected as the Forum Favourite for Best Company in the Information Technology category at 13th annual Canadian Financing Forum held in Vancouver last week. Also in the IT category, Victoria’s Advanced E-Commerce Research Systems was selected as the Best Early Stage Company.

The winners were chosen by a who’s who group of Canadian and USA-based venture capital firms. In addition to the award, Hatsize was also one of only two companies selected by the Golden Seeds Investment Group to present at their February Investment Forum in New York.

“This expression of investment interest on both the East and West coast offers Hatsize the opportunity to gain even greater leverage in our rapidly accelerating market,” said Hatsize CEO Sue Miller. “A Calgary-based company being recognized by some of North America’s top venture capital firms is a strong statement that our Alberta business ranks with some of North America’s best in the technology sector.”

Hatsize produces a technology it calls TrueLab Software as a Service. TrueLab enables large enterprise vendors to showcase their big-ticket technology products to potential customers over the web, saving their sales teams thousands of dollars in shipping at setup costs for each demo. Hatsize’s client list includes such well-known companies as IBM, Juniper, Sun, and Symantec.

Advanced Research is the exclusive licensor of eBay transactional data. By carefully analyzing the millions of e-commerce transactions each month, AERS helps businesses make more informed decisions about markets, investments, and consumer trends.

The Canadian Financing Forum is organized by CanadaIT Ventures, Inc. to help match VC investors with entrepreneurs looking to build world-class technology companies in Canada. “This audience represented many billions of investment capital, and the market is much more active than last year,” said Kathy Standeven of CanadaIT. “It may not be a cash prize, but these awards are gold to companies prospecting for investment dollars in a competitive investment market.”