Hatsize is the first IT company to demo at Banff Venture Forum09

Sue Miller, from Hatsize is the first to present at Banff Venture Forum this year. Having signed on to be CEO at Hatsize six months ago, she first described what Hatsize does (nothing to do with hats, unfortunately), but rather they enable a person to use combinations of complex enterprise-class hardware and software products, from anywhere in the world, with real-time expert “over the shoulder” monitoring, guidance and training. Hatsize is providing easy access so that technology communities easily connect – and efficiently test, train, demonstrate, trail and collaborate – in an advanced on-demand computing lab environment of complex virtual and physical IT device environments over the web in advance or provided on demand.

Some of the benefits of Hatsize – faster product launch, big costs savings from not having to ship demo products around the country, the reseller channel really works for them and increased sales and profits. Their customers are averaging $250K/annum in SaaS. Hatsize is a private company that was founded in 2000 here in Calgary, Alberta.