Have a Question? Ask the New Yellow Pages Service For The Answers

Looking for a sushi restaurant suggestion in Vancouver?  Trying to find a boutique hotel in Montreal?  Well, now all you have to do is go online to YellowPages.ca’s new Yellow Pages Answers Service and ask it for a suggestion.  The service lets you ask questions and get recommendations in real-time for the most relevant local merchants. The service also gives users the opportunity to broadcast their questions within their Facebook or Twitter networks with all answers coming back to a unique page that leverages the more than 1.2 million YellowPages.ca business listings. Jean-Pascal Lion, Vice President of Marketing for the Yellow Pages Group says that the service offers Canadians an easy to use and familiar environment.

We are uniquely positioned to offer Canadians an online community where they can ask questions and find locally relevant recommendations from a large pool of consumers in real time.

There are many competitors and review sites out there so why use this one?

The Yellow Pages Answers Service takes the conversation to the next level by providing direct access to local merchant and consumer recommendations.

Since launch just a few months ago, Yellow Pages users have been recommended business and service reviews for hundreds of restaurants, florists, dentists, mechanics, cosmetic surgeons, wedding photographers and DJs.