Have Life Beyond Links: Visibli`s new way of sharing online

If links are the currency of the internet, Visibli (formerly Assetize) is your best investment.  Visibli is a Canadian start-up that has created a way to continue to engage visitors on your web and social sites after they have clicked on a link you have shared.  They do this with a Visibli bar: a personalized, branded engagement bar that appears above the destination page. 

This engagement bar means one thing: increased retention.  A website visitor maybe on another page reading a review you recommended but your brand remains top of mind with a branded engagement bar at the top of the destination page.  The bar is not just a static representation of your online presence with features such as an RSS feed, pull-down Twitter and Facebook feeds, and links to YouTube the bar creates a rich, branded experience.

Striking some strategic partnerships, Visibili is already visible online.  Partnering with the sports agency Octagon they have launched a sister site featuring a speciality product designed exclusively for sports teams and professional athletes called fanwaves.com.  This site boasts a client list of a major players including: Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets, the Phoenix Suns, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

In addition to targeting sports groups and athletes, Visibli is also hoping to forge relationships with music labels and artists interested in promoting their own content through online engagement.

Although they target athletes and artists Visibli offers something for every type of content producer that creates a Visibli bar: bloggers can share their blog posts by adding an RSS feed, celebrities and online influencers can share their social updates, and corporations can share links to their products and services all within one branded bar.

True to start-up form, Visibli is continuously working on their product and focusing on creating a positive user-experience.  They recently demoed at DemoCamp and implemented much of the feedback they received.  In addition, they are surrounded by innovation as a portfolio company at Extreme Venture Partners.  As Visibli`s first investor, they have been with them for over a year supporting them through product changes and a company re-brand.

Visibli is definitely a contender in the field of Canadian start-ups.  Its innovative product remains ahead of the curve by continuously adapting to changes in the online world.  With recent write-up on technology sites such as TechCrunch and mentions in Gigaom Visibli is another great Canadian start-up pushing Canada`s technological boarders.