Having Trouble Landing That First Date? Your Online Profile Could be Ruining Your Love Life

Internet property AskMen, which was founded by three Canadians in 1999, has released the results its sixth edition of “the world’s largest survey of men,” dubbed the Great Male Survey. And this year it has partnered with TresSugar to conduct the Great Female Survey.

The survey asked many great questions, including tech related ones. According to the survey, 53% of men and 37% of women have used technology, namely smartphones, to send racy photos of themself to a partner. And while 83% of men insist they would never share those photos, 31% of women suggested they would let their friends have a “peek.” Hmm.

The study also reinforced the importance of online personas: 78% of men use the internet to “pre-stalk,” or gain information on, prospective partners. Slighty less women pre-stalk, but it’s nonetheless clear that your online profile is key to getting that first date, regardless of your gender.

And on the non-tech related—but still highly relatable—front, 29% of men would punch their boss in the face “if they could.” But it’s actually their office peers who need to really be on the lookout for flying fists: 49% want to sock a colleague (or two) instead.

Finally, a few interesting factoids from both sides: women dress to impress other women while men dress to impress women also; man’s secret weapon is his cologne; and more women appreciate a man’s arms over any other part of his body (you can finally stop with the midnight crunches, boys).

James Bassil, the editor-in-chief of AskMen, says, “The results of this year’s Great Male Survey illustrate how men are striving in every aspect of their lives to become ‘better men.’ Whether it’s becoming a better father, lover, colleague or member of their community, men are adapting to the changing climate and turning more and more to family to seek happiness and fulfillment.”

“We’re thrilled to offer the women’s perspective for this insightful survey,” adds Annie Scudder, editor of TresSugar. “A modern woman balances her career, personal life and values technology to stay connected with friends and family.”