HealthAware Wants to Make Doctor Appointments Easier for Practitioners and Users [Interview]

HealthAware was part of the spring 2012 cohort of FounderFuel, a Montreal technology accelerator. The Toronto-based firm is an online destination that takes the pain out of health appointments.

Finding health practitioners when in need can be a very time consuming and complex process. With HealthAware, in one minute you can find all health practitioners in your neighborhood, see their available appointments and book the time that works best for you instantly.

Thanks to HealthAware’s proprietary technology, it aggregates available appointments in real-time directly from clinics’ scheduling systems and provides  access for you as a patient. HealthAware also provides everything a patient needs to make a smart choice quickly: all the details about practitioners and clinics, as well as verified ratings and reviews.

HealthAware is aiming to provide this experience for all practitioners and all family members—one place, all health appointments, and one click to book a new one. On the other hand, HealthAware helps practitioners acquire new patients and deliver higher quality of service.

We interviewed the CEO of HealthAware, Nikolai Bratkovski.

LOUIS: What did you learn that helped you the most at FounderFuel?

NIKOLAI: We have learned to take a lot of advice, digest it, and apply it in a way that makes our business stronger, while testing everything in very rapid iterations.

LOUIS: Have you made profound changes to your business model?

NIKOLAI: We have moved away from lead generation business model to premium subscription packages. In between we have tested many other models and directions—went to the Valley of Death and came back.

LOUIS: Do you plan to monetize your activities in other ways than commission?

NIKOLAI: We will be monetizing our business by offering health practitioners premium subscription packages, which will allow them to acquire more patients, as well as deliver better service.

LOUIS: HealthAware’s services are involved in how many cities and countries?

NIKOLAI: Currently our main coverage is in Ontario, Canada. That’s where we have validated our business and are now growing our team to expand further.

LOUIS: Do you plan to expand the types of health specialists in the future?

NIKOLAI: We are constantly adding new specialties, as well as starting to expand geographical areas. In Canada our primary focus is on private side of healthcare; dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, optometrists, psychologists. In the US, we will be covering all specialties.

LOUIS: What is the situation of your startup in financing?

NIKOLAI: Currently in the process of closing our financing round.  We are negotiating the terms.

LOUIS: What are your objectives in one year?

NIKOLAI: Expand across Canada and enter US market, become the dominant player in North America.