Hearst Media Services chooses Tagga for Mobile

This morning Vancouver’s Tagga Media announced a new partnership with Hearst Media Services that will see Tagga’s technology platform power mobile marketing opportunities for Hearst’s advertisers.

A division of media giant Hearst Corporation, Hearst Media Services publishes about a dozen daily newspapers in major markets, including the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express-News, and the San Francisco Chronicle. It also owns a small portfolio of weekly papers serving small markets, and it operates a newswire service that distributes news and features to some 600 subscribing publications.

Hearst is also a major news content creator and aggregator in the online and mobile space. The newspaper giant offers a comprehensive portfolio of online, mobile and traditional print advertising, allowing their advertisers to keep pace with their consumer.

Hearst will be leveraging Tagga to integrate SMS marketing and mobile-optimized websites into their sales offering.