Help Heather Anne Ritchie from Lymbix to put Canada on the map at SXSW

Picture of Heather Anne Ritchie from LymbixCanada has a lot to brag about at the SXSW conference coming up in March. One of the companies that will be representing Canada is Moncton, New Brunswick’s Lymbix. I attended an event hosted by Heather Anne Ritchie from Lymbix this morning at the Yorkville Media Centre in Toronto to learn about the company’s plans and discuss current trends in the Canadian technology space. 

Heather Anne explained how Lymbix has been making an impact on the sentiment analysis space over the past two years. The company has found a unique niche where no one else seems to be seriously playing right now. That niche is called ToneCheck.

Have you ever sent an email and thought to yourself that perhaps the tone of your message was too harsh? Well, Lymbix is planning a big media launch for the newest release of their ToneCheck product in March. It’s basically like a spell check for the tone of your message. ToneCheck now provides an add-in for Microsoft Outlook which looks at the emotion and sentiment used in certain words and phrases to help you to improve the clarity of your message.

ToneCheck has a number of business uses including social CRM, customer support, text communications (including Twitter, Facebook, mobile and email), and eDiscovery which involves mining large volumes of text for intense or worrisome brand exchanges. The product will be launching on Lotus Notes very soon and the company is in talks with many other well known technology companies for future partnerships.

Heather Anne will be part of a Canadian panel discussion at the SXSW conference in March and will be speaking about why Canada is becoming such a hotbed for technology. She asked this morning’s event attendees for input on exciting new ventures happening in Canada so that she can help to put us on the map. 

If you want to arm her with great talking points about Canada’s leadership in the technology space for the SXSW conference, you can reach her on Twitter @HeatherAnne.

Since I don’t currently have ToneCheck installed, I hope that the tone of this message came across as positive and enthusiastic. Go Canada!