Henrik Zetterberg teams up with AdHack?

There is a cool story developing over at AdHack this week thanks to the Detroit-Pittsburgh Stanley Cup matchup. AdHack Founder James Sherrett came across some very funny fan-created ads featuring Henrik Zetterberg of the Red Wings. It turns out they only ‘look’ like Zetterberg although the resemblance is striking.

Recently an ad appeared on YouTube that seemed to feature Detroit star Swede Henrik Zetterberg sleeping, showering and preparing for his day in full uniform. That’s it right above.

Except, as James Mirtle reports, it’s not Zetterberg. It’s a Red Wings fan and Zetterberg doppelganger named Jakob Hawkins.

If that doesn’t cry out for AdHack nothing does! And the comments echo the sentiment of the creators too.

If you’re a hockey fan, be sure to check out the Job Interview clip as well – “We Swedes are known for this.”