Here’s How RIM’s First BB10 Device Looks Beside a Lumia, iPhone, and Galaxy Note

Rumour mills seem pretty confident by now that they know how Research In Motion’s first BlackBerry 10 device is going to look.

We’ve seen and handled official prototypes, of course, but RIM has yet to unveil the final design. However, recent leaks point to what could be the end look: an all-black rectangle (with rounded corners) that is most aesthetically comparable to Apple’s iPhone.

The latest leak comes in the form of a photo via BBin. This photo places the alleged BB10 device beside an iPhone 5, a Nokia Lumia 820, and a Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The RIM device is going to sport a 4.2-inch screen. To compare, the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, the 820 has a 4.3-inch screen, and the Note has an approximately 1,000-inch screen (update: apparently the precise number is 5.5).

The big difference with the BlackBerry 10 handset is that it has literally no buttons. The iPhone retains its iconic physical home button, while the Lumia boasts three touch buttons. But the BB10 smartphone has no buttons on the bottom bezel—or anywhere else from that matter. Instead, users swipe in from bezels (like the PlayBook tablet) to access the “home” screen.

Photo: BBin