Here’s your Kobo. Would you like a touchscreen with that?

Innovation is key when it comes to the fast-paced consumer technology space.

While touchscreens have fast become ubiquitous on smartphones and now tablets, it was an area untouched by e-readers—until now.

Toronto’s Kobo has launched a Touch Edition of its popular e-reader.

“The Kindle today is still very much button-oriented, keyboard-oriented,” said Todd Humphrey, who now leads business development efforts for Kobo. “Touch is now the de-facto way in which we interact with devices, so when we looked at the key features, it was size, screen quality and the form factor itself. But, on top of everything else, what our customers told us was the ability to interact with the device with the tip of their finger was a critical factor,” Humphrey said.

The Kobo will be available in June for $129. It has a 6-inch e-ink screen with infrared touch technology and wi-fi.