High-Tech Communicators’ Exchange appoints new leader

After almost eight years running the High-Tech Communicators’ Exchange (HTCE), founder Catherine Ducharme is handing over the reins to a new leader. ACL Services’ Neena Rahemtulla will be stepping up to take over – according to Ducharme, she’s a good friend, a high-tech marketing pro, a long-time HTCE committee member and she gets the purpose and intent of the HTCE.

When I founded the group in 2001, it was to provide a forum for high-tech (and other) marketing and communications professionals to connect, exchange info and learn from each other. I also wanted to keep it simple, informal, accessible and relevant. We’ve held true to those values.

Today we have over 500 subscribers and we continue to get good feedback about our topics, speakers and casual approach. I know Neena and her committee will keep that trend going. She will continue to be supported by the amazing Jennifer Lee, who’s been an invaluable committee member and our treasurer since the HTCE started. I’ll hang around until the end of the year and look forward to attending next year’s sessions as a spectator!

Thanks to Ducharme for her foresight in creating a group that that is perfectly targets the high-tech marketing apace and best of luck to Rahemtulla with her new responsibilites.