Hiring spree: Google wants more Canadians

Google, which has more than 24,000 employees. But its Canadian workforce is a pittance of this at just 200 people—less than one percent of all employees.

But now Google is planning its first major hiring surge—in fact, what the company suggests will be its biggest spree ever—since the search giant hired a staggerng 6,000 people in 2007.

Since then, hiring has been stagnant, particularly in early 2009, where 100 human resources staff were laid off (Google’s first lay off ever). The company has since given all employees a $1,000 cash bonus and 10-percent raises to express its financial success, and if Google plans to hire a minimum of 6,000 people this year, you know the company is or is expecting to do very well.

For us igloo-dwellers North of the border, 2011 may be our year to join the Google team, according to a senior Canadian employee.

Quoth the Globe and Mail:

“Please tell Canadians to send their CVs in,” said Patrick Pichette, the most senior Canadian employee at Google. “We’re not really tied by a quota – anybody who’s a great fit, we’ll hire them.”

In Canada, Google’s hiring spree will likely take place primarily in three cities: Toronto, where the company does much of its sales work; Waterloo, Ont., where its employees work on key products, such as mobile applications; and Montreal, a growing engineering and sales hub.

So people on the West Coast may get shafted unless you’re willing to move, but it’s worth a shot. If not, indirect competitors like Facebook and Twitter are targeting the same talent pool. If you can swallow some of your pride, become another company’s sloppy seconds.