hmv Digital is the music store’s latest (and last?) attempt to remain relevant

hmv digihmv, one of Canada’s retail music giants, has struggled visibly the past few years as digital music realms like iTunes have made physical CD sales plummet. hmv isn’t ready to bow down though, and it’s latest effort takes it to the digital world.

It’s officially launched, and the company says its 100% MP3 DRM-free. hmv says the digital store has a library of over 5 million songs (and rapidly growing) with CD-qualiy sound.

“As expectations for an hmv digital offering were high, we wanted to allow ourselves time to enhance the service by evaluating consumer interest and wants. This was all in preparation for the development of a digital service that would exceed customer expectations,” says Humphrey Kadaner, the president of hmv Canada. “Thanks to the extensive testing and consumer feedback we’ve received to date, we are confident that is a digital offering that will impress consumers and, ultimately, bring them closer to the music they love.” 

One interesting note is that is the only digital music store in Canada to accept Interac debit cards as a form of online payment. Other forms of payment currently accepted at include the standard staples: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and PayPal.

This looks more like a step forward than their last effort,, which is a mediocre “rewards” program where you collect and redeem points for a limited array of crappy not-so-goods. And if this digital leap fails, hmv won’t have much gas left in the tank.