Hockey Dominates Hashtags on Twitter in Canada

Biggest surprise of 2014: not this.

Year-end Twitter data shows which hashtags were most poopular on the microblogging platform this year and no Canadian should be shocked that hockey-related ones thoroughly dominated.

#BB16, for the 16th season of Big Brother, ranked first, followed by #WorldCup for the FIFA tournament in Brazil. But beyond that, it’s almost all hockey: #GoHabsGo (4th), #Oilers (5th), #NHLjets (9th), and #Canucks (10th).

However, not every team trended on Twitter. Hashtags supporting the Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, and—this is perhaps slightly surprising—the Toronto Maple Leafs failed to crack the top 10 (then again, #TOpoli did, and we can’t blame Torontonians for thinking Rob Ford was a more interesting topic to tweet than the Leafs).

Photo: Vancouver Canucks