Homeless People Crowdfunding Site is Like a Bridal Registry for Survival

What do you get for the person who has everything? A hearty handshake and a swift kick in the pants, in my opinion.

A person who has nothing is another story altogether. And you can read the life stories of people who have nothing on the newly revamped charity site Homeless Partners.

Homeless Partners is an internationally focused crowdfunding site that features the personal stories of homeless people in various communities. Have you ever walked past a homeless person bundled up in a sleeping bag, tucked into the alcove of a building and wondered “what’s that guy’s story?” On the Homeless Partners website, you can read that guy’s story.  Each homeless person’s story is grouped by geographical community, and is accompanied by a wishlist, much like a wedding registry (except not half as extravagant or dubiously useful):

Beverley is originally from St. Catherine’s Ontario. She first moved to Whiterock in 1996, just in time for the big snow fall, and then to the island in 1997. She moved here to help her son with his children and for a warmer climate. Beverley … has been homeless for two months now since her landlord was dishonest and got her removed from her home.

Beverley’s wish list includes warm footwear and a new backpack.

At present, only seven Canadian communities are represented, but the website enables visitors to register their own communities to the list of recipients.

Before you brave the shopping mall crowds to buy an enamel fondue pot for your Aunt Melba who likely already owns four enamel fondu pots, consider the less fortunate folks out there who would really appreciate some long underwear, grocery gift cards, or a pair of shoes.