New Award Recognizes Canadian Startups Succeeding in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong-Canada Business Achievement Award is a new initiative to recognise the achievements of Canada-based companies which have successfully ventured into Hong Kong or have used Hong Kong as a platform for expansion to other parts of Asia.

Bing Thom Architects was the recipient of the Outstanding Business Performance Award, which recognizes the achievements of Canadian companies with successful business operations in Hong Kong. HootSuite Media was the winner of the Outstanding Business Innovation Award, which recognizes the outstanding achievements of Canadian companies in innovation and having successful business operations in Hong Kong.

Speaking at the Hong Kong-Canada Business Achievement Award Presentation Gala in Vancouver, the Director of the Kong Economic and Trade Office in Toronto, Miss Gloria Lo, told guests from the government, business and information technology sectors that, by showcasing the success stories of Canadian companies in Hong Kong, the award program will generate more understanding about the great potential for business and investment between Hong Kong and Canada.

“Hong Kong enjoys economic freedom, rule of law, a sound regulatory system, a level playing field and superb infrastructure,” Miss Lo said last week. “The city also has easier access to the fast growing Mainland markets with our bilateral free trade agreement with the Mainland.”

“All these outstanding companies cover different sectors and areas, reflecting the diversity of the Canadian business community well established in Hong Kong,” Lo added. “We give our warmest congratulations to all the finalists and award recipients. Their success stories would no doubt inspire others in the local business community to seek and expand their business overseas.”