HootSuite: Love them, Love them not?

With the proliferation of digital mediums used a method of communiqué for brands and businesses, Hoot Suite’s unique market proposition is its succinct and intuitive approach that allows integration across a variety of social media sites.  Built as a professional Twitter client that is intended for the enterprise space, the client also offers a built in analytics piece that allows users to track how many people have clicked on a particular URL.

As an end user, the company wants to know what its audience would ideally like to see as part of their social media dashboard.  If you’re a user of HootSuite, then this is your opportunity to have the company hear from you.  If you want to give the company feedback, then take this fifteen minute survey and tell Hoot Suite what you think of their product and the areas they can improve on their offering. 

As Twitter’s growth expands and its adoption furthers, there is no doubt that new players will emerge in this space.  It will be telling to see the forward thinking steps Hoot Suite takes in the marketplace to continue differentiating itself.