HootSuite adds Social CRM Tools and Advanced Statistical Tracking

Best known for allowing collaborators to distribute messages across multiple networks starting with Twitter and then Facebook and WordPress, the newest iteration of social media dashboard HootSuite features tools for customer relationship managment as well as tracking marketing campaigns.

According to their press release this morning, the new tools will be of particular interest to marketing departments and customer support teams by helping to:

  • Know your Audience – Consider this a “Social CRM” tool as you’ll learn who follows you, and know who they are  in a Friends and Followers chart – view profile, influence and activity level at a glance, and quickly engage to build relationships
  • Gather Intelligence – Discover what outreach tactics work best with custom URL parameters allowing deep analysis in Omniture and Google Analytics
  • Answer Efficiently – Create an archive of stock responses and “save as drafts” to plan your work and standardize common replies for customer support
  • Track Success – Examine click-through rates on messages, checkout time and region breakdowns, and export as CSV for custom reports or .PDF for printing

This software release follows on the heels of recent noteworthy announcements from HootSuite including raising a $1.9 Million round, releasing an iPhone App, and winning Mashable’s “Open Web” award for Best App.

Congrats to Vancouver’s HootSuite on their evolution into the dream tool for any business wanting to get serious about social media.