HootSuite adds to their shortening options

Vancouver’s HootSuite announced this morning that they’ve made a change to their built-in URL shortener Ow.ly and added another shortening option to their social media dashboard.

With changing desires in the marketplace, HootSuite now offers users a choice of URL shorteners — Ow.ly will change to simply a fully redirected URL without a frame, and the newly-added Ht.ly, which will continue to present the link with the social bar.

With today’s release, Ow.ly links will no longer be presented framed with a “social bar”. The social bar will now be available for users who wish encourage link sharing on other networks by using the new Ht.ly (pronoucned “hoot-ly”) URL shortener.

On the URL shortening front, look out for a HootSuite announcement soon that will provide custom URL shorteners for companies with vanity URLs.