HootSuite Cofounder Quietly Launches New Startup

Last week Techvibes and a handful of local Vancouver tech aficionados were invited to Invoke Labs to learn about new startup called Quietly.

HootSuite cofounder Dario Meli is back from stints in New York and Los Angeles and his team led by Quietly cofounder Sean Tyson are building what they think will be the next big thing.

According to an email notification sent to beta users today, Quietly will be launching this month and with it “you’ll be able to create and share personalized lists of your favourite places and discover great recommendations from people you trust.” And that is pretty much all we can tell you as we’re sworn to secrecy but have been promised the inside scoop at launch.

Unlike the birth of HootSuiteInvoke Media built HootSuite (orginally called BrightKit) to scratch their own agency itch and then shared it with the worldMeli has global aspirations for Quietly right out of the gate.

Meli told Techvibes, “It no longer makes sense to only consider the North American userbase as a measure of success. We’re engineering growth globally by aligning ourselves with strategic content partners and launching in 17 languages across 66 country-specific app stores”.

Meli raised the majority of Quietly’s seed round in Los Angeles and has spent the past six months building a rockstar team of developers.

HootSuite was co-founded by Ryan Holmes, Dario Meli, and David Tedman.

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